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Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow: 1X3=3marks
1. Each word spoken in a play is like a fruit in a tree. Not everyone in the  audience has access to it . But you, the actor must know how to pluck it, get  at it’s essence and serve it up to the audience for their edification.
a. Who is the speaker and who is he speaking to?
b. What is the duty of an actor?
c. What is the impact of the above mentioned words on the listener?

2. Patol Babu suggested a rehearsal but Baren Mullick shook his head  Impatiently. ‘There’s a large patch of cloud approaching the sun,’ he said, ‘This scene must be shot in sunlight.’
a. Why did Patol Babu suggest a rehearsal ?
b. Why was the response negative?
c. What characteristic quality of the film world do you get from the above lines?

3. ‘Counting your chickens again before there’re hatched, are you? No wonder  you could never make a go of it .’ ‘But it is the real thing this time ! Go and make me a cup of tea will you? And remind me to take some ginger juice tonight. It’s very good for the throat.’
a. Who are the persons exchanging these words?
b. What does the speaker wish to convey in the first two lines?
c. How does the listener change the mockery into an opportunity?

4. Now he had completely got over his apathy .All he felt now was a keen anticipation and suppressed excitement. It was the feeling he used to feel twenty years ago just before he stepped on to the stage.
a. How did Patol Babu get over his apathy?
b. Why did he feel ‘suppressed excitement’?
c. What brought about a complete welcome change in Patol Babu?

​4 mark questions
1. What were the special touches that Patol Babu gave to his role to make it more authentic?
2. How did Gogon Pakrashi’s advice come in handy for Patol Babu? What value does it highlight that can be emulated in our daily situation?
3. How did Patol Babu convince himself to do the role that had just one word, ‘OH!’, for him to say?
4. Why do you think that Patol Babu went away without having any payment for his role?
5. Who was Mr Pakrashi? How do his words help Patol Babu in enacting his role?
6. How do we know that Patol ​Babu was a meticulous man?

5 mark questions
1. After performing his role as best as he could, Patol Babu does not wait for getting paid for the role. He goes away with the feeling of satisfaction that he has performed his small role with dedication and perfection. Motivated by his story, you decided to write an email to your younger sister about the value of putting in one’s best in everything one does. What other values would you focus on? Write in about 120 words with reference to the lesson PATOL BABU,FILM STAR.
2. How was Patol Babu emboldened by his mentor Gogon Pakrashi’s advice? How is it relevant to our daily life?

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