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Spiders are man?s best friends. They destroy many harmful insects, including some of our worst enemies.
These are the insects that devour our crops, cause diseases both to us and farm animals and torment our skins.
Spiders do not have specific insects, which they prey on .They kill and eat whatever insects are available,
though they do not usually prey on the large ones.
There are two main groups of spiders: the weaving spiders and the hunting ones. These two groups differ in
various ways. The weavers have bigger spinnerets (those parts of the body from which the silk comes out)
and their legs are generally much longer, with special claws at the end. The hunting spiders (which do not
spin webs) have smaller spinnerets and strong thicker legs. They have better eyesight than the weavers? but
the weavers? sense of touch is more developed than the hunters.
The weavers do not take the trouble to hunt their prey, instead they set a trap and wait for the prey to get
caught in it. This trap is, of course, the web, which is made from the spiders silk. The silk is produced in
glands in the back half of the body and pushed out through jets or nozzles called spinnerets. These can be
moved in any direction, and they also control the quantity of silk that comes out which is liquid, when it
comes out and makes contacts with the air it hardens, though it remains sticky. This is very important for the
spider, since the stickiness helps to prevent his prey from escaping. The spider itself, however, can run across
the web, because it has a kind of oil on its feet, which, therefore, does not stick to the web.
1.1) On the basis of your reading of the above passage make notes on it using headings and sub
headings. Give a suitable title also. 5
1.2) Write a summary of the passage in not more than 80 words.

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