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0,How did the non-cooperation movement unfold ? Who participated in it ? How did different social groups conceive of the idea of Non-cooperation ?
  1. How was satyagraha powerful yet it was a non-violent weapon ? Why ?
  2. What were the various objectives of satyagraha !?
  3. Enlist the initial satyagraha movement organised by mahatma gandhi in various places ?
  4. Why did Gandhi decide to launch nationwide satyagraha ? Explain.
  5. Describe the nationwide satyagraha movement of 1919.
  6. Explain the jallianwalla bagh massacre.
  7. Why did gandhi call off the satyagraha ?
  8. What were the oppressive measures taken by the britishers to supress the rowlatt act reactions ?
  9. WHy did the Non-cooperation movement in the cities gradually slow down ?
  10. HWen and how was the Non-cooperation movement launchd by Mahatma gandhi ?
  11. What was the impact of goverment of india act of 1919 ?
  12. Write a short note on Simon commission.
  13. Explain the significance of lahore session of congress of 1929 ?
  14. How did thebritish government oppress the Civil disobedience movement ?
  15. Why did the social groups join the Civil disobedience movement > What were their ideals ? what did swaraj mean to them ?
  16. Why and how did mahatma gandhi relaunch Civil disobedience movement in 1931 ?
  17. What were the limitations of Civil disobedience movement ?
  18. Describe the role of Ambedkar to allot reservation for dalits in legislature ?
  19. Why did muslim community feel that they were alienated from the congress ?
  20. Describe the efforts that the congress & muslim league tool to negi=otiate an alliance ?
  21. Describe the cultural processes through which nationalism captured people's imagination?

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