1^4+2^4+3^4+..........+n^4 =n(n+1)(2n+1)+(3n^2+3n-1)/30. (whole divided by 30)

to prove the given result by mathematical induction method, first we will show that it is true for n=1
then we will assume that it is true for n = k, and with the help of assumption we will try to prove that the given result is true for n = k+1.
step I:
P(1) = 1
RHS = 1*2*(2+1)*(3+3-1)30=2*3*530=1
thus the given equation holds for n =1
step II:
let us assume that given equation holds for n = k
14+24+.......+k4=k(k+1)(2k+1)(3k2+3k-1)30   ............(1)
step III:
now let us find the sum for n = (k+1)
now we will find the factor of g(k)=6k4+39k3+91k2+89k+30
thus (k+2) is a factor of g(k).
6k4+39k3+91k2+89k+30= 6k3 (k+2)+27k2(k+2)+37k(k+2)+15(k+2)=6k4+12k3+27k3+54k2+37k2+74k+15k+30g(k)=(k+2)(6k3+27k2+37k+15)
now k = -3/2 is a factor of g(k).
thus by the factorization we can write:
thus the given equation also holds for n = k+1.
thus it is true for all integer values of n.

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