1.compare 4/5 and 5/6.
2.compare 5/6 and 13/15.
3.show 3/5 on a number line.
4.show 1/10,0/10,5/10 and 10/10 on a number line.
5.express the following as mixed fractions:
[a]17/4 [b]11/3 [c]27/5 [d]7/3
6.give example of four equivalent fractions.
7.find five equivalent fractions of each of the following:
[a]2/3 [b]1/5 [c]3/5 [d]5/9
8.find the equivalent fraction of 2/5 with numerator 6.
9.find the equivalent fractions of 2/9 with denominator 63.
10.is 49/64 in its simplest form?
11.you get one-fifth of a bottle of juice and your sister gets one-third of a bottle of juice.who gets more?

Dear student,
Here is the solution of question no. 8
We need to find the equivalent fraction of 25 with numerator 6,2×35×3=615        Multiplying the numerator and denominator  with 3

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