1. Distinguish between distance and displacement for

a) an object moving along a straight line

b)an object moving in a plane

2. Give an example where the speed on object first increases,then remains constant for some time,and then decreases.

3.A girl bends to touch her toes.Is the motion of her head an example of uniform motion or accelerated motion.Explain.

1. a)

For an object moving in a straight line, distance travelled and the displacement are equal in magnitude.

1. b)

For an object moving in a plane, the distance travelled is the length of the path travelled and the displacement is the straight line distance between the initial and the final point of the object.


The kind of motion that you have asked in the question can be observed in the case of a parachutist. When the person jumps from a helicopter or an aeroplane, his velocity first increases till the time terminal velocity is reached. Then he falls with a constant terminal velocity. When he releases the parachute, his velocity decreases to a value which is safe for landing.


The motion of her head is an example of accelerated motion. Since, the head follows a curved path.

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distane-Its a path which is being covered by an object ,,, whereas displacement is like a shortcut path suppose in the case of DISTANCE we want to travel to A TO C.. we will go from A to B and then from B to C but in the case of displacement we wil Go directly from A to C...! Please Thumbs up..

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distance is a path covered by an object like WE HAVE TO TRAVEL FROM A TO C WE WILL GO FROM A TO B THEN B TO C but siplacement is like a shortcut path... in that case we will directly go from A TO C..! :) please thumbs up

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