1)Do all diseases spread to people coming in ontact with a sick person ?

2)what are the diseases that are not spreading?

2)how would a person develop those diseases that don'tby contact with a sick person

Your friend have answered correctly,

1. All the diseases do not spread by physical contact. Only infectious diseases like common cold, smallpox etc spread through contact.

2. The non infectious diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, do not spread from one person to other.

3. The causes of non infectious diseases may lack of nutrition, genetic problems, accidents etc.

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1> deficiency diseases r caused due to lack of a mineral

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1) No

2) Non Infectious diseases

3) Genetic problems, deficiency of nutrients, obesity etc.

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1) No, only infectious diseases which are caused by infectious microbes will spread from the sick person to the person in contact .

2) They are non infectious diseases like cancer etc. it only spreads within the body and not to the person coming in contact with  him or her.

3) maya has given the answer fr the third question:)

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