1. Draw a line segment AB and bisect it . bIsect one of its equal parts to obtain a line segment of length 1/2 (AB).

2.Construct a triangle ABC such that BC = 6 cm AB= 6cm and median AD = 4 cm


Steps of construction:

a) Firstly we draw a line segment AB of any length.

b) From point A, we open the compass arc more than half of AB and placed an arc both above and below the line as shown in the figure.

c) Similarly, from point B on maintaining the same opening of compass we again, placed two arc one above and one below the line AB such that it cuts the previous drawn arcs.

d) Join the arcs by drawing a line segment LM.

e) Point O on the line segment AB will be its mid-point. 

Hence, AO = OB = 1/2 AB

As asked by you if we again bisect one of the equal part i.e., AO further then we will get the small line segment equal to one-fourth of AB. 

Please recheck it.


Here is the link for answer similar to your query!


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 just tell the method to do it ...need not show it...

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