1.  Draw a scale from 0 to 1 for each of these events. Mark the scale to show the likely probability of each event.
a.  Renu is tossing a coin. What is the probability of it landing on 'tail' ?
b.  There are ten beads in a bag. Only one bead is red. What is the chance of picking the red bead ?
c.  What is the chance of sun rising at midnight tonight ?
d.  Atif is holding a brick. What is the probability that when he lets go of it, the brick will drop down ?
e.  Naaz closes her eyes. What is the chance that she will pick a blue cube from this group ?

Dear Student,
The definition of probability is as follows:
Probability=Favourable number of outcomes Total number of outcomes
(a) Since there are two possibilities when a coin is tossed. Head or Tail, So.Total no. of outcomes=2
Favourable no. of outcomes=1 (i.e tail)
So, Required probability=12
(b)Since there are 10 beads in a bag.So,total no. of outcomes=10
Favourable no. of outcomes=1(Since there is only one red bead)
So,Required probability=110
(c)Since sun can't rise in midnight, Required probability=0
(d) If Arif drops the brick,it will certainly fall down,Required Probability=1
(e)Since there are 6 cubes in all, Total number of outcomes=6
Favourable number of outcomes=5(since there are 5 blue cubes)
So,Required Probability=56
Best Regards

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