1.find the value k for which x=0 and y=8 is a solution of 3x-6y=k.

2.express x in terms of y if x/4-3y=7.

3.two cosecutive angle of a parallelogram (x+70) and (2x+50).what special name can you give to this parallelogram?

4.if the no. of square centimetres on the surface area of sphere is equal to the no. of cubic centimetres in its volume. what is it diameter of the sphere.

5.AB and CDare two equal chords of a circle with centre O . OP and OQ are perpendiculars on chords AB and CDrespectively. if angle POQ=100, find angle PQD.

1) Since x = 0 and y = 8 are the solutions of the equation 3x - 6y = k, so we have;
3×0-6×8 = k0-48 = k k = -48
Therefore the value of k is -48.

2) The given equation is x4-3y = 7
To express x in terms of y, we rewrite the equation as;
x4 = 7+3yx = 47+3yx = 28+12y
Therefore x = 28 + 12y is the equation to express x in terms of y.

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1. putting x=0 and y=8 we get



2. x/4-3y =7


3. x+70+2x+50 =180 (cointerrior angles )



therfore the angles are 90 degrees hence it is a rectangle

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