1.If a:b=2:5,find the value of 3a+2b/4a+b
2.Divide rs 3450 among A,B and C in the ratio 3:5:7.
3.40 men can finish a piece of work in 26 days.how many men will be needed to finish it in 16 days?
4.If 48 boxes contain 6000 pens,how many such boxes will be needed for 1875 pens?
5.Tropical fruit juice is mixed from mango,papaya and orange juice in the ratio 3:1:4.Aarushi has 400 ml of orange juice.If she uses it all:[i]how much mango and papaya will he need?[ii]How much tropical fruit juice will he make altogether?

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1.   16/13
2.    A= 690 rs.  B= 1150 rs.   C= 1610 rs.
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