1. List out any five economic causes of the revolt of 1857 ?
2. what were the political causes of the revolt of 1857?
3. Mention any three social causes of the revolt of 1857?
4. What were the military causes of the revolt of 1857?
5. List out the major centers of revolt of 1857?
6. What happened on 10 may 1857?
7. Discuss the spread of the revolt of 1857. Write a note on the outbreak of the revolt in Lucknow.
8. what were the grievance of the3 sepoy against the company?
9. What was the greased cartridge incident?
10. what were the main reasons for the failure of the revolt?
11.Do you agree with the view that the revolt of 1857 was only a mutiny by the sepoys ? Give reasons for your answer.
12. What administrative changes took place after 1858?

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