1) Mention the conditions to maximise the yield of ammonia by Haber's process

Ammonia is prepared using the Haber’s process. The yield of ammonia can be maximized under the following conditions:

(i) High pressure ( ~200 atm)

(ii) A temperature of ~700 K

(iii) Use of a catalyst such as iron oxide mixed with small amounts of K2O and Al2O3

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Since Haber's Process is a reversible reaction, with N2 and H2 being the reactants NH3 being product, so to maximize yield, we have to shift the reaction forward, by the conditions in Le Chatlier's Principle:-

  1. Minimum Temp:- But an optimum temp of about 700K is necessary to keep the reaction going.
  2. Presence of A catalyst like finely divided iron + a promoter(which increases the catalytic activity of the catalyst) like Molybednum metal (Mo).
  3. Increased Pressure:- About 200atm pressure is used.
  4. Concentration:- Ammonia gas is removed to favour the forward reaction
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