1. Preparation of:
a) a true solution of common salt, sugar and alum
b) a suspension of soil, chalk powder and fine sand in water
c) a colloidal solution of starch in water and egg albumin/milk in water and distinguish between
these on the basis of
? transparency
? filtration criterion
? stability
2. Preparation of
a) A mixture
b) A compound

Dear Student

a) true solutions of common salt, sugar and alum.
Take three clean dry beakers, pour 100 ml of distilled water in each and add pinch of these (common salt, sugar and alum). Stir them properly. They will dissolve completely and hence you will get true solutions. Take three different beakers to make the true solutions.

b) suspension 
take three clean and dry beakers. Put 100 ml of water to them and then 10 g of all these ( soil, chalk powder, fine sand) in different beakers. Stir them with glass rod and allow them to stand for sometime and note the observation.

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