1.the arrangement of particles is most ordered in ________.

2.how are the states of matter interconvertible?

3,why is vapourisation a surface phenomenon?

4.what is dry ice?

5.can solid diffuse into solid?

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Dear Student,

Your friend is correct. 

However, solids can diffuse in solids, for example, during formation of alloy of metal, like brass (alloy of Copper and Zinc), Zinc diffuses in Copper under the conditions of high temperature. Dear Studentgh temperature is required to in increase the intermolecular spacing, between atoms of Copper so that, the atoms of Zinc can be incorporated in between Copper atoms. 

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1) I Think Solids

2) Because Of Certain Conditions Their Molecular Composition Do Not Change But The Space Between Their Atoms Could Increase Which Changes The States.When You Heat A Solid The Space Between Its Molecules Increased So They Get Converted Into Liquid

3) Because Evaporation Takes Place Only From The Surface Of The Vaporising Surface. If You Heat Water Water Evaporates From The Surface Only Not  From The Bottom

4) Dry Ice Is Solid Carbon Dioxide.Its Used As A Refrigerant

5) I Think No Because Their Intermolecular Space Is Less

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