1. the children was laughed at the beggar (change into passive voice)
2. I will order the carriage(change into passive voice)
3. One may accomplish anything with a little effort (change into passive voice)
4. A thunderstorm often turns milk sour. (change into passive voice)
5. The boy was climbing the cliff. (change into passive voice)
6. Will you ever forget those happy days (change into passive voice)
7. All desire wealth and some acquire it. (change into passive voice )
8. They laughed at his warnings. (change into passive voice )
9. He made the child drink the milk. (change into passive voice)

Plz answer all those questions early... because I should submit all those questions on Sunday

Dear student,

The answers are:
  1. The beggar laughed at the children.
  2. The carriage will be ordered by me.
  3. With a little effort anything may be accomplished by anyone.
  4. Milk is often turned sour by a thunderstorm.
  5. The cliff was being climbed by the boy.
  6. Will those happy days ever be forgotten by you?
  7. Wealth is desired by all and acquired by some.
  8. His warnings were laughed at by them.
  9. The child was made to drink the milk by him.

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These all questions are to be done by yourself. If I give all the answers it won't help you in any way.
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U only
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Sorry I posted" u only " by mistake I was trying to post answer to any other question SORRY
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no probs
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ok I did
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