1-Try growing a sweet potato just in water . Describe your experiment & observations
2-Visit a green house if there is one near your place . Observe how they raise plants . Find out how they regulate the amount of light , water & carbon dioxide to grow plants.
3- Take a potted plant with broad leaves. Take 2 strips of black paper &cut out a small square in their centres. Cover a part of 2 leaves with these papers & secure them with paper clips. Keep the plant in the sunlight for 2-5 days. Observe the difference in the colour of the covered & the uncovered portions on the 1 leaf. Perform iodine test on this leaf . Did the 2 parts show any difference in results? Now take second leaf . Remove the strip & expose the covered part to the sunlight for2-3days and do the iodine test again. Describe your observations.

These are activity based questions  that needs to be attempted on your own. Kindly perform these activities and write your observations.

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