1)What is a cell ?Name the longest cell in human body.
2)Write one function of each in living cell-a)Mitochondria b)chloroplast
3)Name the cell organelle found only in plant cell.What is its function?
4)Name organelle known as "suicidal bags"?Why is it called so?
5)Write a note on nucleus.

1) cell is basic structural and functional unit of life. Our body is made up of many cells. The longest cell in the human body is nerve cell.

2) Mitochondria is power house of cell. The energy to do work is produced in mitochondria. Chloroplast is responsible for carrying out photosynthesis.

3) Chloroplast is the organelle which is found in plants only. Its function is too carry photosynthesis.

4) Lysosomes are termed as suicidal bags as they are responsible for digesting cellular organelles and cell it self.

5) Nucleus is a spherical structure, which is generally present at the centre of the cell. It is membrane bound structure. It is most prominent organelle of the cell. It contain genetic material and controls the activity of cell.

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a cell is a structural and functional unit of a body.. mitochondria - power house of the cell, chloroplast - it provides green colour to the cell. cell wall is only found in plant cell.. nucleus is control house of the cell

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The nucleus is a membrane bound structure that contains the cell's hereditary information and controls the cell's growth and reproduction. It is commonly the most prominent organelle in the cell. The nucleus is surrounded by a structure called the nuclear envelope. This membrane separates the contents of the nucleus from the cytoplasm. The cell's chromosomes are also housed within the nucleus..

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Lysosomes are called suicidal bags as they secrete certain enzymes  that helps in digesting dead cells but sometimes they only get digested by themselves {they kill themselves}..

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