1. What is John Byro'srole in this story ?

2. How was the horse retrieved by John Byro?

1) ​John Byro's trust in the reputation of the ​Garoghlanian family made the boys realize the consequences of their action. In a way, it rekindled their minds to the importance of their family's honesty and they returned the horse. ​Mourad had stolen Byro's horse and Aram, in spite of knowing the truth, had kept his silence over the matter. This is the way in which both could be taken as liars as they were complicit in the act, one performing the deed, the other keeping his silence over it and not reporting the case. Whether stealing a horse to take better care of it or allowing something like that going on, both actions cannot be absolved however good the intentions. Byro's behaviour made the boys realize the import of their action.

2) ​John Byro found that his horse was stronger than ever and better tempered after it was returned to him, which was the work of Mourad.

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