1) What is sternum? Its function?and Location?

explain in brief with the help of diagram if possible

Sternum or breastbone is located in the middle front part of rib cage. It is elongated bone in the centre of the chest that articulates with and provides support for the clavicles (collarbones) of the shoulder girdle and for the ribs. Its origin in evolution is unclear. In mammals the sternum is divided into three parts, from anterior to posterior: (1) the manubrium - is roughly trapezoidal, with depressions where the clavicles and the first pair of ribs join;  (2) the mesosternum or body - consists of four sternebrae that fuse during childhood or early adulthood. To the sternebrae the remaining true ribs are attached. The mesosternum is narrow and long, with articular facets for ribs along its sides;   (3) the xiphisternum - is reduced to a small, usually cartilaginous xiphoid (“sword-shaped”) process.  In humans the sternum is felt from the base of the neck to the pit of the abdomen.


Sternum in birds and bats helps in flight because to this the flight muscles are attached. The sternum protects the vital area right above your heart and lungs.

It completes the rib cage, since the first to the seventh rib is connected to it by coastal cartilage.



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The sternum or breastbone, in vertebrate anatomy, is a flat bone that lies in in the middle front part of the rib cage. The sternum protects the vital area right above your heart and lungs.

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