1. What is the potential energy of a system in the state of unstable equilibrium ?

2. A ball of mass 5 kg experiences a force F = 2xsquare + x . workdone in displacing the ball by 2 m is ?

3. a body is acted upon by a force F = - i cap + 2 j cap + 3 k cap . what is the work done by the force in displacing it from (0,0,0) to (0,0,4 m) ?

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1. The potential energy for a unstable equilibrium is maximum. 2. The work done is given by W=02F.dx=02(2x2+x)dx=223 J3. Here the displacement is d=(0-0)i^+(0-0)j^+(4-0)k^=4k^So work done is F·d=(-i^+2j^+3k^)·4k^=12 J

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