1. What type of energy transformation takes place in   Stream Engine?

Potential chemical energy stored in the coal is converted into heat by burning.The heat is converted to mechanical energy by
  1. Heating water into steam.
  2. steam expands to force a piston to move
  3. pistons drive a shaft that eventually makes the wheels of the trains run.
 Mechanical energy becomes kinetic energy as the train moves.


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coal energy
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Heat energy is released when the fuel ( coal was popular and used for most engines during the steam era but it could also be diesel or even something else) is burned. The transfers to water and boils it into steam which is still thermal energy steam can remain as thermal energy and will give back the heat to things that it comes into contact with. However, steam also has pressure and the thermal energy if allowed to flow. flowing steam generates energy force to spin turbines or enough force to push a piston. The moving piston then used to turn a crank or spin the wheels this is all mechanical enrgy 
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Same as simran
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chemical energy into mechanical energy
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