1.) which Cdk and cyclin comes under G1 check point.

2.) which Cdk and cyclin comes under G2 check point.

All the events of the cell cycle are under genetic control.These events are known as check points. Cell cycle consists of the major two phases: Interphase and the M phase. Interphase represents the phase during which a cell prepares itself for division. It is divided into 3 phases − G1, S and G2. M phase represents the phase where the cell actually divides.
Genes that produce protein kinases play a major role. These are regulatory proteins and are called as cyclin-dependent protein kinase or Cdks as cyclin is required for their activation. These proteins regulate cell cycle by adding phosphate groups to a variety of protein substrates involved in the cell cycle. Level of cyclins rises and falls with the stages of the cell cycle. 
Cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) for controlling the onset of G1 and G2 phases are as follows:
For G1- G1 Cdk (Cdk4, Cdk2, Cdk6)

For G2- G2 Cdk (Cdk2, Cdk1)

Cyclins that activate the given protein kinases are:

G1 cyclins (D and E cyclins)

G2 cyclins (A and B cyclins)

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