11. If the mass of solid body is doubled, its density
(a) Becomes two times                    (b) Becomes half                        (c) Does not change               (d) Becomes four times

12. If the volume of solid body is reduced to half, then its density
(a) Becomes two time                     (b) Becomes four times               (c) Remains the same              (d) becomes half

13. Relative density of a substance depends upon
(a) Mass of the substance
(b) Volume of the substance
(c) Shape of the substance
(d) Material of the substance

Dear Student,

Kindly ask different queries in different thread. Also, refer the solution of 11th question.

Density = mass/volume

If the mass of the solid body is doubled its density will double . (Considering the solid to be compressible this answer is valid, in case the solid is incompressible the density will remain same)


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11 c
12 c
13 d
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But why???
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I am not sure about the 13th question.
But you can check the 11th and 12th question by giving the mass and volumes specific values. For example take mass as 40 and volume as 20 and check it,
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Yes, ashwin i agree with u ..but i my book answer is different .....
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Muskan ur answer is matching with my book's answer but it seems to be wrong...
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