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11. You are the General Manager of ACE Electrical Appliances. Draft a poster for your latest product, 'PIONEER Automatic Electrical Cooker' .

Such questions test your creative writing skills and should be done on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- A poster has a catchy tag-line: 'Save electricity as you save effort!'
- Enumerate all the benefits of using the electrical cooker: save time, preset menu, cost effective, delicious food as nutrition is preserved, etc.
- Mention any discounts or special schemes: Avail 20% discount till May 15, 20xx.
- An appropriate picture should accompany the writing: show an electric cooker being opened and all the family members attracted to the aroma of cooked food!
- Mention that it is available online with an assured two day delivery timeline.
- A poster with a catchy tag-line, big and attractive font, a suitable picture and other details is an effective poster.

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