​Q125. Read the following statements.

           A. All tissues on the inner side of the endodermis constitute the stele.

           B. Peripheral vascular bundles are generally larger than the centrally located ones in monocot stems.

           C. In late wood, cambium produces a large number of xylary elements having vessels with wide cavities.

            D. The cork is impervious to wate due to suberi deposition in the cell membrane.

Dear Student
Statement A and D are correct. 
Yes, the central region of all root and stem below endodermis contain stele.
In monocots, Peripheral vascular bundles are usually smaller than the centrally located vascular bundles.
The thin wall of cork cells is saturated with fatty acids substance called suberin which makes it impervious to water.
In late wood, cambium is less active and forms fewer xylary elements that have narrow vessels.
Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

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