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29,30 solve h's•h of of the btrd FMM of a m high budding. the angle of elevation of of "t uprcs.vonofthc toot of the tower FIN* the anon of of a to" er from on the ground at m m from the base of the tower arc thc same straight the height of tik• tower r a finds a bird nymng at a distance of m htm an Of A gm. standing the of 20 m high Pylk.tmg. find' angle Of Of same brrd to be •45:. Both the are stdcs of the bird. Find the distance of bird the Of a 'Ight house. m high sea the 01 oi a ship. sailing directly towards it. changes from to thc distance travelled by the ship dunng the period Of of eination depression of the top and bottom of a light house of a 60 m high are 30' respectively. Find '-n the height of the light and the building. trtw-een the light house building.

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