Q45. A block starts from rest from top of incline plane whose last  1 3  rd part is rough. If block comes to rest at bottom, then value of coefficient of friction between block and incline plane is

         1   μ   =   tan   θ 2   μ   =   1 3   tan   θ 3   μ   = 1 2   tan   θ 4   μ   = 3   tan   θ

speed at 2l/3accn for smooth surface gsinθv=2*gsinθ2l3accn at rough surface=μgcosθ-gsinθ  in upward direction slowing down the block .0=2*gsinθ2l3-2μgcosθ-gsinθ l32*gsinθ2l3=2μgcosθ-gsinθ l3sinθ2=μcosθ-sinθ 3sinθ=μcosθμ=3tanθRegards

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