​4x-5y-20=0 .....points on xasis (0,-4,2) find the points of y axis
3x+5y=15 ... points on xaxis are(0,5,2)..find the points on y axis
plot the graph on same graph paper
please do not send the link as similar question as this
u are requested to solve and plot this question only

The given equation is,3x + 5y = 15When x  = 0; y = 3When x = 5; y = 0When x = 2; y = 1.8


Similarly, you can do the other part.

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The question you are asking is wrong because in first case , you are telling that 0,-4.2 is the solution for Y-axis not for X-axis. And similarly in the second case. So, please check the question.
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