5)  Consider statements A and B given below and decide whether they are enough to find the time needed for two trains to cross each other when they are travelling in opposite directions and one train is moving at a speed of 86 km/hr.
Statement A – Trains are of equal length of 350m
Statement B – Other train is moving with speed 83 km/hr

   a. Only statement B is enough
   b. Any one statement if given is enough to find the answer
   c. Both statements together are needed to find the answer
    d. Even both statements together are not enough to find the answer
6) A train passes a telegraph post in 8 seconds and a 264 m long bridge in 20 seconds. What is the length of the train
   a. 180 m
   b. 176 m
   c. 164 m
   d. 158 m
7) A train passes a stationary pole in 8 seconds. The train also passes a 200 m long bridge in 28 seconds. What is the length and the speed of the train?
   a. Length = 200m; Speed = 36 m/s
   b. Length = 160m; Speed = 20 m/s
   c. Length = 80m; Speed = 10 m/s
   d. Length = 100m; Speed = 20 m/s

Dear student
Let the length of the train be x metres and its speed by y m/sec.  We know DistanceLengthSpeed=Timexy=8 x=8y   ...(1) Now,  x + 26420  = y  8y + 264 = 20y  12y=264y = 22 So, from (1), we havex=8×22x=176m Length of train
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