5 muavere o n topi with meaning

 topi?????waz that

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u can by topi in the market.

THUMBS UP for the answer..


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sorry its BUY.i wrote by in d previous sentence

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  1. iski topi uske sar - this means golmal karna​
  2. ​topi pehenana- this means bewakoof banana
  3. topiuchalna- this means to embrace
  4. topi salamat rakhna
  5. topi sambhalna
​​sorry but i dont know the meanings of the other two
hope this helps u
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MASHGULL HONA -karye kar ne me doob gana. AKBAKHA MARNA - haran hona.AKAL CHAKRANA - kuch samaj na anaa
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Yes u buy topi and then find 5 muhavere on that topi if u can't see then see with magnifyingglass!!!
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