50 names of compounds and their chemical formula

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More than 50 compounds with their chemical formula are given in your study material. Please go through it. In case you face any problem please right us back.

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Ca(AlH4)2 calcium tetrahydroaluminate CaAl2O4 calcium aluminate CaB6 calcium boride CaBr2 calcium bromide Ca(CHO2)2 calcium formate Ca(CN)2 calcium cyanide CaCN2 calcium cyanamide CaCO3 calcium carbonate CaC2 calcium carbide Ca(C2HO2)2 calcium fumarate Ca(C2H3O2)2 calcium acetate CaC2O4 calcium oxalate Ca(C3H5O2)2 calcium propionate Ca(ClO3)2 calcium chlorate Ca(ClO4)2 calcium perchlorate CaCl2 calcium chloride CaCl26H2O calcium chloride hexahydrate CaCl2O2 calcium hypochlorite CaCr2O7 calcium chromate CaF2 calcium fluoride CaHPO4 calcium hydrogenorthophosphate CaH2 calcium hydride Ca(H2PO2)2 calcium hypophosphite Ca(IO3)2 calcium iodate CaI2 calcium iodide Ca(MnO4)2 calcium permanganate CaMoO4 calcium molybdate Ca(NO2)2 calcium nitrite Ca(NO3)2 calcium nitrate CaO calcium oxide Ca(OH)2 calcium hydroxide CaO2 calcium peroxide CaRe2O8 calcium perrhenate CaS calcium sulfide CaSO4 calcium sulfate CaSe calcium selenide CaSiO3 calcium metasilicate CaSi2 calcium silicide CaTe calcium telluride CaTiO3 calcium titanate CaWO4 calcium tungstate Ca2P2O7 calcium pyrophosphate Ca2SiO4 calcium silicate Ca3(AsO4)2 calcium arsenate Ca3(C6H15O7)2 calcium citrate Ca3N2 calcium nitride Ca3(PO4)2 calcium phosphate Ca3P2 calcium phosphide CdBr2 cadmium bromide Cd(CN)2 cadmium cyanide CdCO3 cadmium carbonate Cd(C2H3O2)2 cadmium acetate CdC2O4 cadmium oxalate CdCl2 cadmium chloride CdCrO4 cadmium chromate CdF2 cadmium fluoride Cd(IO3)2 cadmium iodate CdI2 cadmium iodide CdMoO4 cadmium molybdate Cd(NO3)2 cadmium nitrate Cd(N3)2 cadmium azide CdO cadmium oxide Cd(OH)2 cadmium hydroxide CdS cadmium sulfide CdSO4 cadmium sulfate CdSb cadmium antimonide CdSe cadmium selenide CdSiO3 cadmium silicate CdTe cadmium telluride CdTiO4 cadmium titanate CdWO4 cadmium tungstate Cd2Nb2O7 cadmium niobate Cd3As2 cadmium arsenide Cd3P2 cadmium phosphide Cd3N2 cadmium nitride.

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