7g of iron fillings and 4g of sulphur powder iz ttreated with dil. h2so4 at room temperature. name the gas produced?

1) same mixture iz heated strongly and heated with dil h2so4 which gas would be produced?

2) what is the cause of this differencein results od chemical reaction in differnt conditions?

1) Mixture of Fe and S , when treated with dilute sulphuric acid, hydrogen gas is produced by the reaction of Fe and H2SO4.
Fe + H​2SO4  FeSO4 + H2
2) But when this mixture of Fe and S is heated, a new compound is formed , FeS. FeS is black coloured solid, which then reacts with H2SO4 to produce hydrogen sulphide gas.
FeS + H​2SO4  FeSO4 + H2S

At two different temperature, these reactions are different because different species are reacting with sulphuric acid. 
In mixture, iron show individual properties therefore displace H2 gas from acid where as when heated iron loses its properties and form FeS which reacts with acid to produce H2S. 


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