9) Insulin is dissolved in a suitable solvent and the osmotic pressure π of solutions of various concentrations (g/cm3) C is measured at 200C. The slope of a plot of π against C is found to be 4.65 x 10-3. The molecular weight of the insulin is
(A) 3 x 105         (B) 9 x 105          (C) 4.5 x 105           (D) 5.16 x 105

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We need to use the concepts of colligative property to get the answer. As per given in the question, insulin is dissolved in a particular solvent. Since the graph was plotted and the slope was found to be 4.65x10-3
Using the equation for the osmotic pressure, one can write,

π = CRT where C is the concentration of isulin in the solution, and T is the temperature in K and R is the universal gas constantequating it to y = mx +c, here the intercept is 0 so we get y = mxnow one can write, π = CRTC = number of molesvolume of solutionC = given massmolar mass×volume of solution =  concentrationmolar massthus  π = RT×Cmolar mthus molar mass = RT4.65×10-3 =  8.314 J/K/mol ×293 K4.65×10-3THUS molar mass is 5.16×105


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