a 40 kg skater moving at 4ms eastwards collides head on with a 60 kg skater travelling at 3ms westwards . if the two skates remain in contact, what is their final velocity?

Given M1=40 kg U1=4 m/s

M2=60 kg U2=-3m/s (since it is in opposite direction)

After collision, both move together, hence mass = M1+M2 = 40+60 = 100 kg

From the law of conservation of momentum we have

M1 U1+ M2 U2= (M1 + M2)V

40*4 - 60*3 = 100V

Hence, V = -0.2 m/s

i.e., The body moves in the orginal direction of the 60kg mass (since it had the higher momentum).


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