A 40 ml of a mixture of H2 and O2 at 18 C and 1 atm pressure was sparked so that the formation of water was complete.The remaining pure gas had a volume of 10 ml at 18 C and 1 atm pressure.If the remaining gas was H2,the mole fraction of H2 in the 40 ml mixture is (Ans-0.75)(explain)

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                                                   H2   +    12O2        H2OVolume before reaction           a                 b                  0Volume after reaction              a-2b         0                  bNow, a+b=40and, a-2b = 10On solving the above two equations we get, a=30 mL and b=10 mLNow, mole fraction of H2=aa+b3030+10=0.75

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