a. After every 6 months, price of petrol increases at the rate of Rs 4 per litre. Taking price of petrol in December 2010 as x and present price of p etrol as y, form a linear equation showing the price of petrol in December 2014.
b. Due to continuous rise in the price of petrol, p eople are more interesting in CNG whose price is increasing at the rate of Rs 3 per litre i n a year. Form a linear equation taking price of CNG in December 2010 as a and in December 2014 as b .

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iAs price of petrol increases by  4 in every 6 months, hence it increases by 8 every year.Now duration from December 2010 to December 2014 is 4 years.Increase in price in one year= 8Increase in price in four year= 8×4=32Price in December 2010= xPrice in December 2014= yy=x+32 , where x and y are in .iiAgain duration from December 2010 to December 2014 is 4 years.Increase in price in one year= 3Increase in price in four year= 3×4=12Price in December 2010= aPrice in December 2014= bb=a+12 , where a and b are in .

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a) equation for petrol will be

b) equation for CNG will be
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