a bacterial cell is different from cells of other organisms .name the feature which makes it different from others

Bacterial cells are prokaryotic cells  and cells of other organisms are eukaryotic cells.
So, the differences between bacterial cells and â€‹cells of other organisms  are differences between â€‹prokaryotic cells  and eukaryotic cells.
Prokaryotic cell Eukaryotic cell
They have simpler cellular organisation. They have complex cellular organisation.
They are small in size They vary is size, generally larger than prokaryotic cell
Nucleus with nuclear membrane is absent A well-defined nucleus with nuclear membrane is present
Genetic material ( DNA) is present as nucleoid in cytoplasm Genetic material ( DNA) is present inside nucleus
Cell wall is usually present in prokaryotes and is composed of peptidoglycan Cell wall is usually present in plant cells and is composed of cellulose
Organelles like mitochondria and plastids, which have a membrane around them are absent Membrane-enclosed organelles like mitochondria and plastids are present
Ribosomes are of 70S type.  Ribosomes are of 80S type.  

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Bacteria can withstand worse environment conditions but other cells can't

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