A balloon filled with hydrogen gas floats in air. Explain this fact with reason.

a baloon floats in air when it is filled with hydrogen gas because its density is less and obviously light in the terms compared to air so it floats in air high compared to co2 ballons.

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hydrogen gas has less density cmpared to other gases.as we know that objects with less density floats in water similarly hydrogen gasfloats in the air

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Because it's weight is very less and it can float in air

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Balloon filled with hydrogen gas floats in air because its density and weight is less than that of air.
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When balloon is filled with hydrogen gas its density becomes less than that of atmospheric air so its weight becomes less and buoyant force of air increases and it starts floating.This explains floating of balloon in air.
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Hydrogen gas is very light in weight and has very low density that's why it floats easily in air.
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