A baloon starting from the ground has been ascending vertically at a uniform velocity for 4 sec and a stone let fall from it reaches the ground in 6 sec. find te velocity of the balloon and its height when the stone was let fall. (g=10 m/second square).

Please provide step by step solution to problem with the explanation of the question.

Consider the following figure to represent the situation:

Let us consider that the balloon was initially going up at the rate of u m/s.
The balloon after being released from point A will reach point B(where stone is let fall) after 4s.Therefore, Height reached by the balloon:H = speed*timeH = 4uWhen the balloon is at B, the stone is let fall. At the instant the velocity of the stone is um/s in the upward direction.Or, we can say that its velocity is -u m/s in the downward direction.Therefore, for the motion of stone from B to A:Initial velocity = -u m/sH=4u mt=6 s (given)from second equation of motion:h= ut+12gt24u = -u×6+12*10*36or,10 u = 180u=18m/sThe height from which the stone was let fall = 4u H = 72 m


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