'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush'.

a. Explain the above statement in the literal sense.

b. Explain it in the context in which it is mentioned in the story.


a. The proverb originates from the tradition of falconry, which implies that no matter the number of falcons in a bush, what matters is the falcon in possession, even if it is a single falcon.

b. When Paul and uncle Oscar decide to gift the 5,000 pounds to Hester, by giving her 1,000 pounds on each birthday. She becomes eager and asks the lawyer if she could have all the 5,000 pounds in once. Then the son decides to give them away to her mother in once so that she is free of the debt and said that he could make more with the left amount. The uncle doubted and tried to caution the lad by telling him that is wise to not give what you have with you right now for the possibility. However, Paul was sure to know of one of the three upcoming races he assured and so gave the money to his mother gladly.


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