a body is movingwith variable acceleration (a) along a straight line. The avg acceleration of body in time interval t1 to t2 is?

1) a (t2+t1) /2

2) a (t2 -t1) /2

3) integration of a; limit t1 to t2 into dt/ t2+t1

4)integration of a; limit t1 to t2 into dt/ t2-t1.

Pls help experts.

Note: in 3 and4 option initial limit t1 and final limit t2.

Average acceleration is defined as the change in velocity divided by time taken .average acceleration = change in velocitytime takenlet v1 is the velocity in time t1 and v2 is the velocity at time t2Aaverage = v2-v1t2-t1

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