A body of mass 1 kg initially at rest explodes and breAks into 3 fragments of mass in the ratio 1:1:3 the two pieces of equal mass fly off perpendicular to each other with a speed of 30m/s each what is the velocity of heavier fragment

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Mass of the body=1kg,

with initial velocity=0m/s.

After explosion,

masses of three fragments are in 1:1:3 ratio so their masses are 1/5kg, 1/5kg and 3/5kg.

Equal masses at angle 90° with each other and velocity 30m/s, third heavy fragment fly off by making angle θ with first mass with velocity v3.

See the following figure,

Use the conservation of momentum i.e.

Total momentum before explosion=total momentum after explosion

along X-axis:

along Y-axis:

Now, squaring above two equations and then add,

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