a cell is a building unit of an organism. If yes,explain why

A cell is an individual living unit. A group of cells form a tissue. A group of tissues form organ. Group of organs give rise to an organism. Hence, the body of a complete organism starts with a single cell. This proves that cell is a building unit of an organism.

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an organ is made up of tissues.a tissue is made up of group of cells lumped together performing same function.the most basic unit capable of sustaining life on its own is a cell. anything lower than a cell is incapable of sustaining life.therefore a cell is building block of an organism.
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Because they are the starting units for a tissue to form and the tissue forms the organ which in turn give rise to the organ system and finally to a body.
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A cell is an individual living unit .a group of cells form tissues.A group if tissues form organ . This proves that cell is a building unit of life.

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Cells, famously known as the building blocks of life are called so because they are the smallest existing entities out of which some are distinct and some are similar in funtion. They together forms the tissues (tissues are a group of similar cells specialised to perform the same function) which inturn further forms organs and then the organ system which indeed makes up the whole organism.
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A group of cells form a tissue and a group of tissues form an organ.A group of organs make an organ system and an organ system make an organism. Therefore it is a building unit of an organism. Hope this will be useful!
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A cell is a basic structural and functional unit of life. A group of cell form a tissue. A group of tissue make an organ. A group of organ make an organism. But only one animal is there who is without of cell and name is ghost octopus
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Cell is basic unit of life and all functions are performed by the cell
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