A cell under hypertonic solution shows incipient plasmolysis, then what will be present between cell wall and cell membrane?

a) Water with water potential zero
b) solution with same water potential as solution out the cell
c) Water with slightly high water potential as compared to solution outside the cell
d) Vacuum

Dear student, 

After plasmolysis the space between cell wall and cell membrane will be filled with the hypertonic solution. This happens because the solution surrounding the cell is hypertonic, so exosmosis takes place and the space between the cell wall and cytoplasm is filled with solutes, as most of the water drains away and the concentration inside the cell becomes more and becomes hypertonic.
Hence , option (b) is correct. The solution outside the cell was hypertonic, with lower water potential and high solution concentration.


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hypertonic sol. i.e. solution with lower water potential.
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