a chocolate in the form of a quad. with sides 6cm , 10 cm, 5cm, 5 cm is cut into 2 pieces along  one of its diagonal by a lady ,part I is given to her maid and part II is equally divided among her driver and mala.
a. is this distribution fair? justify?
b. what value is depicted her?

Dear student

a) Distribution is fairb)BD=AD2-AB2=100-36=64BD=8cmArABD=12×6×8=24cm2ArBCDS=a+b+c2=5+5+82=9cmArea=9×9-5×9-5×9-8=9×4×4×1=12cm2c) helpfulness , caring

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1.This distribution is unfair according to me bcoz she shouldn't be partial to either the maid , her driver, Mala.
2.Through this act she shows her kind heartedness
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