A circular park of radius 20m is situated in a colony. Three boys Ankur, Syed and David re sitting at equal distance on its boundary each having a toy telephone in their hand to talk each other. Find the length of the string of each phone....This is a text ques. (Exrcise. 10.4 ques no. 6) Any one plz help me to answer this!

It is given that AS = SD = DA

Therefore, ΔASD is an equilateral triangle.

OA = r = 20 m

Medians of equilateral triangle pass through the circumcentre (O) of the equilateral triangle ASD. We also know that medians intersect each other in the ratio 2: 1. As AB is the median of equilateral triangle ASD, we can write

∴ AB = OA + OB = (20 + 10) m = 30 m


AD2 = AB2 + BD2

⇒AD2 = (30)2 +

Therefore, the length of the string of each phone will be m.

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