a)compare a block of wood, water and air on the basis of the following

1 compressibility

2 particle motion

3 rigidity

b)account for the following

1 gassesexert pressure on the walls of the container

2 liquid can be called as fluids

(a) ‚Äč1- Air is the most compressible.
Block of wood<Water< Air
2-Block of wood highly rigid. Water and air are not rigid.
3-In a block of wood, particles do not move freely.
Particles move freely in water but are confined within a boundary.
Particles can move freely in air.
(b)1-The particles of a gas move about randomly at very high speeds because of large spaces and very less attractive forces between them. Due to this the particles collide with each other and the walls of the container. Because of this continuous collision between the particles of the gas and the walls of the container, the gas particles exert pressure on the walls of the container.
2-Liquids are called fluids because they can flow.


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