A compound `X` is used for drinking, has pH =7.Its acidified solution undergoes decomposition in presence of electricity to produce gases `Y` and `Z` The volume of Y is double than Z. Y is highly combustible whereas Z is supporter of combustion .Identify X, Y & Z and writes thechemical reactions involved.

The substance X is water (chemical formula H2O). Water is a neutral substance whose pH is 7. When electricity is passed through water containing a few drops of sulphuric acid, it decomposes to give its constituent elements as products i.e. hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). Following is the chemical equation for electrolysis of water


here hydrogen and oxygen are obtained in the ratio of 2 : 1. While hydrogen is a combustible gas, oxygen is a supporter of combustion. Thus, 

X is water (H2O)

Y is hydrohen (H2)

Z is oxygen (O2)

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