A Cube Of Side 'x' Rests On The Floor.Given That The Pressure Exerted By This Cube On The Floor Is P What Is The Pressure Exerted By Another Cube Of The Same Material Of Side 4x?(Take g = 10Nkg-1)Assume That Both Are In Same Position

a) P

B) 2P

C) 4P

D) 16P

Please Help Its Urgent

Correct option is (C)

We know,

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D) 16 P

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 P1 = F/A1

P2 = F / A2

P1/P2 = A2/ A1

 area of base smaller cube of side x = x2

Area of base of larger cube of side 4x = (4x)2 = 16x2

P1 / P2 =  16x2/ x2

P1 / P2 = 16

Ans: D) 16 P

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But How Can Pressure Be More If Area Is More.they r inversely proportional

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